48. Learning to learn (smarter) in a digital world [EN]

Leveraging edtech to support self-regulated learning



Smart planners, chatbots, intelligent tutors, gamification and responsive dashboards (to name a few) all have the ability to support us in better planning, monitoring, maintaining motivation, triggering reflection and strategising upon our ability to attain our goals. In short, used effectively with the aim to empower our learning objectives, these tools can be used to help us self-regulate our learning.

In this workshop you will gain greater insights into several high and low tech ways in which as educators you can:

1/ develop your own self-regulated learning,

2/ create classroom contexts that support your students development of self-regulated learning,

3/ leverage tools to support self-regulated learning.

More specifically we will look at the effects that 'the digital' presents to our ability to self-regulate, but equally and constructively the opportunities that these existing and emerging tools provide to strengthen and support self-regulation at school and beyond. 


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This session will be in English.


By the end of the session you will:

1/ understand the scientific underpinnings of self-regulated learning: what is it? What does it mean for educational practice? How are technologies being used to understand, support and promote it?

2/ have acquired a new set of tools from online fora and related websites, to examples of existing teacher practices and existing and emerging educational technology tools (software) that can be used to understand and develop self-regulation.

3/ have concretely identified one new approach in which you can immediately set about to use in developing 1) your own self-regulation and/or 2) your students' self-regulation.


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